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Impressions do count. We help our students to develop a keen sense of belonging, self-respect and an understanding of the impression they make by the way they behave and dress. We are therefore committed to a strict uniform policy.

The uniform design takes into account durability, cost and identity. It gives students an opportunity to develop feelings of pride, which we hope will stay with them throughout their days at the academy and beyond.

All students at The Ockendon Academy are expected to wear the Academy uniform with pride and look clean and smart at all times. Every student should wear the full Academy uniform when going to and from the Academy, on Academy visits and when travelling as a member of a Academy team or organisation. If for any reason a student has to come to the Academy without full uniform, a note should be brought in from their parents.

To place an order for items, please contact the Finance Department. Students can either go to finance during breaks and before / after academy hours to purchase directly. Alternatively, parents can call 01708 851661 and speak to Finance to arrange an appointment.

The Academy Uniform

  • Navy blue blazer with Academy badge
  • Plain white academy shirt with collar (long or short-sleeved)
  • Plain navy V-neck jumper (not sweatshirt or cardigan)
  • Academy tie (Ties and Academy badges are available from the Academy office)
  • Plain black leather shoes – trainers, coloured laces and diamante are not allowed
  • Plain black leather, ankle length, boots are permitted but are only to be worn with trousers not skirts.
  • Black straight leg, non-fitted, tailored trousers (Dark socks under trousers)
  • A black, knee length straight or ‘A’ line skirt (no pleats) may be worn.  (‘Lycra’ skirts are not permitted) With this, white knee length or ankle length  socks, black or natural colour tights may be worn.  No patterned tights.
  • Extreme hair colours or haircuts are not permitted.  No make up or nail varnish is to be worn at any time.
  • A watch and a plain pair of simple earrings (worn in the ear lobe) may be worn.  No other jewellery is allowed.

The Academy P.E kit

  • White polo shirt with Academy badge
  • Navy shorts
  • Trainers
  • Black or plain swimming costume/trunks and bathing cap
  • Rain jacket (optional)
  • In colder weather, students will be allowed to wear an Academy cold weather shirt and navy tracksuit bottoms for outdoor PE lessons.
  • Football boots (dependant on students’ set and activity)
  • Navy/white sport socks
  • Cold weather top (optional)
Shirts Price
BTEC/GCSE Blue 34/36 £15.00
BTEC/GCSE Blue 38/40 £15.00
BTEC/GCSE Blue 42/44 £15.00
BTEC/GCSE Blue 46/48 £15.00
White Polo Shirt – Age 10/11 (32″) £7.00
White Polo Shirt – Age 12 (34″) £7.00
White Polo Shirt – Age 13/14 (36″) £7.00
White Polo Shirt – Small (38″) £7.00
White Polo Shirt – Medium (40″) £7.00
White Polo Shirt – Large (42″) £7.00
White Polo Shirt – Extra Large (44″) £7.00
White Polo Shirt – X Extra Large (46″) £7.00
Cold Weather 30/32 £17.00
Cold Weather 34/36 £17.00
Cold Weather 38/40 £17.00
Cold Weather 42/44 £17.00
Cold Weather 46/48 £17.00
Shorts Price
22/24 £5.00
26/28 £5.00
30/32 £5.00
34/36 £5.00
38/40 £5.00
Item Price
Badges £4.00
Ties -Striped £4.00
Socks 4-7 £4.00
Socks 7-11 £4.00
Swimming Hats £2.00