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Our Values and Ethos

We provide an education that inspires students to strive for higher achievement. The Sixth Form is committed to stimulating intellectual curiosity and enabling all pupils to achieve their academic potential.

We believe that education outside the classroom contributes as much to students’ development as their academic studies. Activities also provide essential skills and experiences to equip students for the world outside academy life. Students are encouraged to participate widely and aim for excellence in order to develop a desire for lifelong learning.

We are known for our happy and friendly atmosphere and outstanding customer care. Students are enabled to develop self-discipline, tolerance and understanding, and an awareness of the world around them, in order to become morally and socially responsible citizens. Staff are valued for their expertise and the contribution they make to students’ education.

In addition, we strongly believe in providing opportunities for students to become self-disciplined, courteous and co-operative individuals who show a respect for others and concern for the environment. To achieve this, we work closely in partnership with the students, parents, governors and the local community. We aim to provide a welcoming, caring and safe environment.

Our Values:
Respect for the beliefs, opinions and contributions of others.
Building self-respect, and confidence.
Courtesy, tolerance and consideration for others.
Honesty, trust, openness and integrity.
Hard work and enthusiastic participation.
Responsibility and independence.
Pride in achievement and excellence.