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Rewards and Celebrations

The Ockendon Academy recognises achievement, punctuality and attendance and rewards good behaviour through a system of achievement points, certificates, badges, trophies and a range of other awards. We believe it is important to recognise and celebrate the achievements of all students who behave well and work hard. Good behaviour is best promoted and developed in young people by drawing attention to and rewarding exemplary behaviour.

What Is Rewarded?

Rewards are used to encourage acceptable behaviour and good attendance habits as well as academic effort and success. To be a motivating factor and for the rewards to have currency in the eyes of the students there are clear, but varied criteria:

  •  Full attendance for half a term / improved attendance
  • Meeting a specific target agreed between student and teacher
  • Behaviour and manners
  • Evidence that a particular skill or quality has been achieved or is improving
  • Prolonged or particular effort
  • Prolonged or particular achievement in classwork/homework or personal learning activities
  • Assisting in academy or out of academy activities, for example with younger students and their personal learning activities
  • Being an Academy ambassador.

How Are Students Rewarded?

The academy maintains an electronic log of all reward data. Each different type of reward is associated with a number of points which students can collect.

Every term students receive a C (concern) or an E (excellent) for effort and homework in each subject. At the end of the academic year, a prize draw is held for the students who receive the highest number of Es. As well as receiving prizes, they will participate in reward experiences.

We recognise the importance of rewarding our students and we offer a range of reward experiences. These can include: a positive postcard or phone call home, lunch with their Year Team Leader, activities such as rock climbing, African drumming, cupcake masterclasses or tea with the Principal. Students who participate in any of the reward experiences are automatically entered into the prize draw.

Students are able to receive a raffle ticket for a variety of achievements and successes. They can be entered into the draw simply by being the best they can be. This could include an exceptional piece of work or helping the school in one of the many events after school. Winning tickets are drawn out for each year group during the annual Awards Afternoon and students are awarded items such as bicycles, MP3 players, tablets or vouchers. There is also a year group prize draw every term with small prizes given out.

Achievement and Celebration Assemblies are held towards the end of each term with parents invited. Badges are awarded for the most improved attainment and most improved effort in each teaching set in all subjects. Trophies are also awarded for students with the most overall improved attainment and effort within their year group. 100% attendance is also celebrated in follow-up assemblies with students receiving a red star badge.

In addition, one student in each year group judged as having made outstanding progress and contributed to the Academy in an extra dimension, receives the Jack Petchey Award. The Jack Petchey Foundation is an organisation that believes in celebrating students’ achievements and each term they donate an award and funding for students who achieve despite their difficulties, or ‘go the extra mile’. The winner is then able to donate £200 to the department of their choice.

Students also participate in a range of activities and competitions with organisations such as The Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge, The Lions, The Fire Brigade and The Orsett Show. We enjoy celebrating their success!

Each year, academy staff members will consult our student council on the range and types or rewards that are offered. We believe it is important to offer rewards which appeal to our students and are relevant to their likes.

To celebrate successes and rewards, we have developed a Rewards Ladder which is promoted in all classrooms.