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Legislation Affecting Parents – Penalty Notices – Academy Attendance

Please note that parents may possibly be issued with a Penalty Notice by the Local Education Authority if they take their child out of the academy for a term-time holiday consisting of 5 days or more.

Parents can also receive a Penalty Notice if their child incurs unauthorised absences totalling a minimum of 7 days or more out of a 10 week period.

Please contact Mrs. C. Adams for more information.

Attendance Reminder to Parents:

We need to emphasise that holidays cannot be taken during academy time. It has a detrimental effect on achievement progress. In line with Government guidelines, it is an offence to take unauthorised holidays. Students should strive to be in the academy 100% of the time in order to achieve their full potential.

Punctuality: Lateness is not acceptable. Students should aim to be in the academy before 8.30am. Students arriving at 8.30am or after will be marked as late and will receive a detention to complete on the day.