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Our Expectations of Students

  • Arrive on time and enter the room in a quiet, orderly manner
  • Be properly equipped to learn which includes having a bag suitable to carry books and equipment
  • Wear full academy uniform / business wear smartly
  • Engage in all learning activities
  • Complete homework and revision to the deadline set
  • Mobile phones and/or electronic devices to be switched off and in the bottom of a bag while on academy grounds.
  • Follow all instructions first time
  • Communicate in the right way at the right time
  • Be polite and respectful
  • Take care of the learning environment.
  • Conduct yourself safely
  • Walk on the left in corridors
  • Leave the room quietly when dismissed and move quickly to your next lesson
  • Eat and drink in designated spaces only.

Our Expectations of Parents/Carers

  • Making sure students wear the correct uniform and bring in the correct PE kit.
  • Setting a target of 100% attendance. Parents/carers should notify the academy as early as possible on the first day of absence, make regular contact if the absence is lengthy and provide a signed note of explanation on the student’s return. Parents/carers must be aware and understand that it is not acceptable to take holidays in term time.
  • Providing students with a padlock for their locker, where they will store their books, coat and PE kit.
  • Ensuring students do not wear make-up, nail varnish or jewellery (except for a pair of simple, small gold studs). If jewellery is worn, parents must accept that it could be confiscated by the teacher and they will be expected to collect it from the academy office. Please also understand that extreme haircuts and colours are not permitted.
  • Encouraging students to bring a reading book to the academy every day. Up to 30 minutes reading is part of their personal learning homework every evening. Whenever possible, discuss the progress they are making in daily Partnered Reading.
  • Actively encouraging students to complete homework in accordance with the homework timetable issued. This is usually 2 subjects per night (total 1 hr) in Year 7, increasing to 2-3 subjects per evening (total 2 hours) in Year 11. Check and sign their Learning Log each week and use it as a means to communicate with their Form Tutor.
  • Ensuring students arrive on time every day (by 8.15am) with all of their books and the correct equipment in a suitable bag.
  • Encouraging students to participate in at least two Personal Learning activities each week.