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Customer Care Statement

We aim to provide excellent customer service to all of our students, parents and partners in business and the community.


Visitor Feedback

September 2017 – March 2018  – 100% of visitors rated their visit as at least 9/10.

Telephone Surveys

Each term, some parents who have contacted the academy by phone are contacted to check the standard of customer service they received.

Between September 2017 and March 2018, 97% agreed that the service is efficient and queries are dealt with promptly as set out in our customer care statement.

Visiting The Academy

  • The visitor’s name and that of the person they have come to see will be recorded in the diary at the front desk.
  • There will be clearly marked signs for reception and car parking.
  • Staff will smile and give a personal welcome at reception.
  • Staff will be identified with name badges.
  • A suitable waiting area will be provided in reception and a room for meetings with parents and others, comfortably furnished and private (where required).
  • Visitors will not be kept waiting for appointments for longer than 5-10 minutes. If there is a delay, they will be kept informed of the reason and given an expected time for the meeting to begin.
  • Visitors will sign in on arrival and receive a lanyard. Staff will be mindful of possible literacy issues when asking visitors to sign in.
  • Visitors who will be involved with the academy in excess of one hour will be offered refreshments.
  • We will write letters of appreciation to visitors who have provided a service to us.
  • Telephone calls will be answered within 5 rings.
  • The receptionist will answer the telephone by saying, “Good morning/Good afternoon. The Ockendon Academy. How can I help you?”.
  • Visitors will be asked for their opinions when they leave the building and comments or complaints responded to within 5 working days.

General Customer Care

  1. Students are regularly assessed and are supported by tutors, year team leaders and members of the pastoral team.
  2. Parents are contacted, if necessary, to make them aware of any concerns.
  3. Parents have the opportunity to meet with staff during parents’ evenings and progress days.
  4. The Learning Gateway facilitates contact between parents and the academy. Parents are able to monitor progress of their child instantaneously.

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