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Children’s University

The Children’s University is an extra-curricular learning programme which takes place outside of the classroom; outside of the academy day. It will encourage our students, aged 11-14, to try out different learning activities and participate in unfamiliar experiences; supporting them to become more inquisitive, independent students and self-motivated learners with new skills and confidence. They will build resilience and develop willingness to try something new.

For more information, please view the website.


What you will have to do

Attend 3 different after academy hours, extended learning programmes. There are many after academy hours activities which count towards 30 hours of extended learning. You can check with your Form tutors for the range of activities. It is very important your passport shows 3 different activities.

What you have to do next

  • Collect your passport
  • Ensure your name is written into the passport
  • Take your passport to any activity you attend
  • Ask your teacher to sign it

When you have gained 30 hours of learning you have achieved the Bronze Undergraduate Award. Then pass your passport to your head of year.