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Admission Policy 2018 / 2019

Admission Numbers

The Ockendon Academy (“the Academy”) consists of The Ockendon Academy and
Ockendon Studio School.

The Academy’s Planned Admission Numbers:
• for its year 7 student admission from September 2018 is 240
• for its year 10 student admission for the Studio School from September 2018 is 60.
• for its year 12 student admission for the Studio School from September 2018 is 75.

There will be space for a total of 75 students in year 12. The Studio School’s year 12
admission number includes 25 external students applying for admission. If fewer than 50
of the Academy’s own year 11 students progress to the Sixth Form, additional external
students will be admitted up to the year 12 capacity.
Where there are more applicants than places, the Academy is required to have
oversubscription criteria for deciding which requests have priority. These criteria form part of the Academy’s Admissions Policy, which is published annually on the Academy’s
website, Thurrock Council’s website and in the Secondary School Admissions brochure
published by Thurrock Council.

Application arrangements

Applications for admission for year 7 are co-ordinated by the Local Authority, Thurrock
Council. For year 7 admissions parents/guardians should therefore submit their
application to the Local Authority in accordance with the booklet Secondary School
Admissions brochure published annually by Thurrock Council. For year 10 admissions
information on the process will be published in the Studio School information booklet.

Applications for admission for the Studio School for year 12 for September 2018 will be co- ordinated by The Ockendon Academy and applications should be made directly to the

Academy. Information on this process will be published in the Studio School information
prospectus for year 12. Applications for In-year admissions are administered by the Admissions Team at the Academy. In-year admissions application forms are available from the Academy and from Thurrock Council and should be submitted directly to the Academy. Students are admitted into the Studio School to study a Studio School style curriculum including academic excellence and enquiry-based learning. Applicants should be aware of this when applying for admission to the Studio School.

Year 7 and Year 10 oversubscription criteria

If there are more applications than there are places available at the Academy, it will use
the following criteria, in priority order, in deciding which applications to accept:

1. “Looked After Children” and children who were previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, child
arrangement order or special guardianship order. A looked after child is a child who is in the care of a local authority or being provided with accommodation by a local authority in the exercise of their social services functions (see section 22 (1) of the Children Act 1989).
2. Students with a sibling attending the Academy in Years 7 to 12 inclusive at the date of application.
3. Students whose normal place of residence is in the catchment area of the Academy at the date of application. The Academy’s catchment area is detailed in the Thurrock School Catchment Areas document which is produced by Thurrock Council. This can be viewed on the website of Thurrock Council (under the Admissions section – school catchment areas).

Pupil Premium
For applicants who believe that their child/ren may be eligible for Pupil Premium priority
(detailed in criteria 4 above), this should be stated on the application form (under Section
3/preference reason) together with confirmation that permission is given for the Academy to contact your child/ren’s current school to ascertain if your child/ren is/are eligible. Further information on Pupil Premium is available on the Academy website via:

4. Students eligible for Pupil Premium at the time of application.
5. Students who live with parents, guardians or carers who are employees of the Academy, provided that the employee has been employed at the academy for a minimum of two years at the date of application for admission and/or are recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skills shortage.
6. Students whose normal place of residence is outside the catchment area of the Academy at the date of application.


The following will be applied in order to criteria 2-6 above if a tie-break is necessary to
determine who is admitted: Those living closest to the Academy, as defined in the paragraph below, will be admitted.

Distance Measurement

Distance from home to the Academy (measured in a straight-line in metres by a digital
mapping system) will be used to allocate places. Students living nearer to the Academy
being given higher priority. The straight-line distance measurement is taken from the
address point of the home address to the main gate of the Academy. (In the case of flats
measurement will be to the main entrance door of the building and places within the
building will then be allocated by flat number starting with the lowest number).

Home Address

The home address is a key part of the admissions process. The home address is the
normal place of residence for the student. Where parents have shared responsibility for a student and the student lives for part of the week with each parent, the home address for the student should be that of the parent with whom the student spends the majority of the time. This will normally be the main address held by the primary school and the address for the parent who receives the child benefit in respect of the student.

Sibling Details

Siblings are classified as follows:
• Full siblings living at the same address
• Step siblings living at the same address
• Half siblings living at the same address
• Long-term foster siblings or adopted siblings living at the same address

Twins, Multiple Births or Same Distance Measurement

If more than one student is entitled to the last place in a year group, (as in the case of twins/multiple births or same distance measurement), the Academy will offer a place to the additional student(s).

Special Education Needs

Children with a statement of special education needs or an Education, Health & Care plan that names the Academy are allocated places in any year group of the Academy under different regulations and will override all other categories of priority.

Waiting Lists

In the event of over subscription for Year 7 Thurrock Council will maintain a waiting list
until 1st September at which time the list will be provided to the Academy which will then maintain the waiting list. Students on the list will be ranked in order of priority for
admissions irrespective of the date of application using the criteria stated above.

With the exception of the waiting list maintained by Thurrock Council for applications for Year 7 detailed in the preceding paragraph, the Academy will maintain a waiting list for each year group and allocate places as they become available according to its
oversubscription criteria. Students will be removed from the waiting list for each year group at the end of each academic year unless a parent/guardian/carer makes a request in writing that the Academy should keep the student’s name on the waiting list.


There is a right of appeal to the Independent Appeals Panel for any unsuccessful
applicant. Placement on the waiting list does not affect parent/guardian/carer’s right of
appeal against an unsuccessful application.